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Here you will find policies and procedures that coordinates with the standard for Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge and the City Of East Point.


Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge is a safe haven for all guest ages 21+. We pride ourselves in protecting our business, staff, and guest. Therefore security is provided every operational night on a as needed bases.

Our security and management reserve the right to refuse admittance to any guest.

    •      Designer/Dressy Athleisure wear is allowed.

    •      Dress shorts are allowed.

    •      No flip-flops or slide-on sandals even if they are designer.

    •       Jeans are allowed but must be worn around the waist.

    •       Hats are okay, no bandanas.

    •       No men’s tank tops, undershirts, or sleeveless shirts.

    •       No offensive prints on clothing

    •       No sweat shorts, jerseys, basketball shorts, athletic wear, sweat pants, loungewear, or hooded sweatshirts.




We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and products. There are absolutely no refunds on items that aren't to the liking of guest . Each item served at our establishment has been curated the Rich & Pour way.



Although this is something we highly recommend, seating aren't always available. Its important that all guest understand the 2h seating limit for those who reserve seating. If guest are late for their reservations we offer a 15min grace  period, however if guest miss their reservation they will have to make a new reservation.

Large Parties 5 or More

Whenever there are large parties of 5 or more a spend minimum of $300 is required to be seated! Please ask your server more information upon arrival.

Dress Code

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